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Dance with the Devil Empty Dance with the Devil

on Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:38 pm
There is an urban legend going around online on shady forums, speaking of an abandoned mansion deep within the woods, past a long-forgotten church cemetery in the middle of nowhere. It is said that this is the Devil's abode.

People have been gathering there for who knows how long - odd people, poor souls with no luck, who you should stay away from at all costs. They come here for the annual October Ball, wearing queer masks akin to demons themselves. Once 13 have assembled and the clock strikes midnight on the 1st of October, they enter the seemingly haunted house - it appears deserted throughout the entire year except for during this accursed month, as its windows light up like jack-o-lanterns and the hellish celebration begins.

 In reality, the "masquerade" is anything but a dance. After all, these individuals discarded by the world have arrived for a wholly different reason - the Trial. Anyone who is able to survive it is invited to the true end ball on Halloween night and is granted a special reward - anything they could ever wish for, made true by the Devil himself.

However, the stakes are high and most pay with their lives as soon as they go past the threshold of this crooked domain. Are you really ready to take a chance? And, even if you somehow make it, are you ready for a deal with the Devil?

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