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 What is Trust?

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PostSubject: What is Trust?   What is Trust? I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2018 9:09 am

Throughout all of time, it has always been there. Through the good times, and times filled with darkness. When you feel like you are able to soar through the sky- and when you plummet, falling faster than you thought was possible.


Trust is that power that binds people together, forges friendships, and makes the weak parts of you stronger. Trust is what gives courage, it is what enables you to be the best that you could be.

But what if there was no trust? What if the world was built in such a way that you could never believe what another Ikimono told you? If you could never really know if someone was telling you what really happened?

That is what many brave and valiant Ikimono fought to defend. A world where there is only desolation, the blood of the deceased Ikimono gleaming red against the dark black ground. A world where the dark blue waves crash upon the beach, but no Ikimono is there to enjoy the tide. But even with brave and valiant Ikimono fighting, it still happened. That world of dark and dreary waste is everywhere, looking as if it will never end, always existing, progressing ever closer towards infinity.

The question is, how could this happen? And why would anyone want it to happen in the first place?

Both answers are terrifying. The first answer can be described in but three words: "The Planet's Paralysis".

What about the second answer, you ask? Why, that will take quite some time for me to explain. But, even if I could give you a quick answer to the second, there is another question that is far more important: How can it be fixed?

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What is Trust?
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