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KH: Dreams of Realities Not Seen

on Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:23 pm
Sora woke panting, his hand clutching his chest. A strangled gasp followed, and his other hand went to his head, whiping sweat off his brow, then touching his tongue. His fingers came away with saliva, to his great relief. He sat up, hand feeling his chest again. Panting hard, the Keymaster shuddered himself completely awake, but that didn't erase what he'd just experienced...

The nightmare had been too real. What could it possibly mean? Was the Light warning him about something that was going to happen? If so...did it really have to go that far?!

His door was slammed open, a figure silhuetted there, backlit by lightning from the sea storm raging through the islands. Instinctively, he summoned the Keyblade, but calmed down when the figure raised his hands in surrender and said "You're alright!"

He sighed in relief "'s just you."

The silver haired teen seemed to sigh in relief "Good, you didn't have the same nightmare I did..."

Sora's face fell "Define same."

Riku frowned then gestured to the weapon Sora still clutched in his hand. "Unsummon that first. I don't really feel like dueling you right now."

"Tell me first." the bearer challenged, suddenly guarded.

"Alright, for the sake of trust. I killed you on the beach."

Sora gripped the keyblade harder "I was killed on the beach. By your weapon."

"This is impossible!" Riku threw his hands in the air "Unless-"

"-It's a warning of some kind." Sora finished.

"Actually I was thinking more on the lines of interdimensional travel through dreams."

"Now that's stretching it don't you think? I still say it's a warning from the Light."

"We've done it before." Riku said, folding his arms pointedly  "Our whole exam was interdimensional travel through the dream scape."

"This felt different to me." Sora shook his head.

Their discussion was interrupted when a redheaded blur shot forward and tackled Sora, sobbing uncontrolably

"Oh Sora, I had the most aweful nightmare!"

The look the auburn haired Princess of Heart threw Riku made the silver teen flinch with its slightly haunted gaze. He threw her a reassuring smile "It's alright Kairi...we all had messed up dreams tonight. Sora and I were just theorizing why."

Sora hugged his Light and rubbed her back gently "Yeah. Now that you've had one too, maybe we better go to the King. I'll bet he knows what's going on, or Yen Sid."

"Then lets go, please? Sora...what I saw..." She baried her face in his chest, and he hugged her close.

"Riku, we need the Gummi Ship. Off to Master Yen Sid's!"
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Re: KH: Dreams of Realities Not Seen

on Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:45 am
Continue I guess?

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Re: KH: Dreams of Realities Not Seen

on Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:48 pm
"Sora...this is not the way to Mysterious Tower."

"I know that, Riku! I think we should check Disney castle first! Maybe King Mickey had a dream too."

The Dawn Treader sighed, but relented. He also wanted to see his friend the King. They had bonded over their adventures, and Riku could never repay the mouse's kindness anmd help during Castle Oblivion.

"It would be nice to see him again." he mused with a small grin.

When they arrived, the Queen quickly informed Duke Oswald, who in turn hotfooted it to the throneroom.

"Mick, The keymasters are here!"
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Re: KH: Dreams of Realities Not Seen

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