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Kritmon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light Empty Kritmon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light

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The world the Kritmon live in is in peril. A dark force threatens to swallow the world whole. Kritmon are being corrupted, turned into dark beings to serve their master, the one behind it all. No one is safe. The world lives in fear. Yet, there is hope. Ikimono have stepped up to put a stop to this nightmare and save the world as they know it. Yet that's not always the case. Some happily serve their master, willing to do whatever they can to stop the 'heroes' from ruining their plans.

Which side are you on?


Grassveil Town-
-Deluxe Square - This features most of the shops and businesses on the island. With item shops, banks, dojos. Everything is here.
-Feather Café - A cheerful café that is built into a large and ancient tree. It is owned by a family of four. The younger members of the family take the orders whilst their parents do most of the cooking. The café is currently closed until further notice due to renovations.
-Police Station - Grassveil Town's police station. Captured outlaws are kept in jail cells located away from the main offices. They cannot be seen from the main area where such activities as paperwork and interviews are done. When you walk into the station what you will immediately see is the board full of outlaw posters mounted on the wall in a foyer like area. If you turn left and head deeper into the building, you will enter the main office which then branches off into smaller offices. There is a large sofa in the main office for anyone waiting to be interviewed. A Fahrenhound named Pyro runs the K-9 Police Force.
 -Springfall Dojo - Owned and run by Eclair the Blazyena.
Springfall Dojo is an establishment built to help other Pokemon train, improve their skills and form new techniques with their current moveset under Eclair's tutelage. There isn't only the Fire/Dark-type working at the dojo neither. There are other Kritmon there, each for all the types, able to train them all in their respected element. However, it is still Eclair's dojo and she makes sure things run smoothly.
-Shops - There are many shops in Grassveil Town. Some might just sell gummi's while others may provide you with a way to open those annoying treasure chests.
- Phantom's Hideout - An underground network of tunnels that is located beneath Grassveil. There are several 'rooms' within these tunnels, used for residential and storage reasons. The tunnels have multiple entrances, each with their own way to get in and are all hidden from view. The two main entrances include one near the residential area of Grassveil, and the second is near the Small Pond.
-Feye's Exploration Guild HQ - This features:
- Common Room - A place where guild members chill out. They can spend their time here or in the Barracks when not on missions.
- Barracks - This is the accommodation of all the first years of the guild members. Members can have up to four in a room at a time.
- Mess Hall - The Mess Hall is a rather large hall that splits into other, smaller halls to accommodate all of the Guild members for breakfast and dinner each morning and night. On the north side of the hall there is a doorway which leads to an extensive kitchen where all the Guild's cooks create these wonderful meals.
 - Bulletin Boards - There are two boards, one for jobs such as escorting or exploring with other Kritmon, and the other for outlaws. This is where Kritmon go to pick a job they wish to tackle. Missions rank from E to S, easiest to hardest.
- Guild Master's Office - No one dares to enter there without being summoned.
Just outside Grassveil Town-
 The Small Pond - This small pond isn't remotely like a dungeon. It is a peaceful place where young Kritmon can splash in the water, or climb the various trees dotted around the area. When the sun is out, those trees provide enough shade for even elderly Kritmon to sit under without being harmed by the sun's rays.
Pecha Forest - This small, unremarkable forest is where many rookie exploration teams come to train. It is located south of Grassveil Town. You can find a lot of Pecha Berries here.
Shadowhue Forest - Shadowhue is a dark forest where only the most minimal amount of light can squeeze through the leafy canopy of the trees, dappling the forest floor with it's golden light. It is located to the east of Grassveil Town, though those who aren't explorers tend to avoid it unless they are confident in their abilities.
-Fallen Leaf Copse - A beautiful, untouched wood of perpetual autumn found on an island surrounded by a small lake. The only way to access it on foot is to cross a set of squared stepping stones that were constructed specially to give access to the forest to those who could not swim or fly. The lake itself appears to have a surface of oranges and yellows from afar due to the autumn leaves that land within the lake's waters. The forest itself is a spectacle to behold as it is always bright and colourful, many of the Kritmon within leading lives of peaceful contentment.
Rainfront Town-
 -Rainfront Town - A small town near the coast, inhabited mostly by Water-type Kritmon. Rainfront is a fair few days walk from Grassveil.
-Pricklemist Hill - A misty hill on the edge of Rainfront Town. An abandoned house lies in the center of a small wood near the top.
 -Cattail Marsh - The flatlands on one side of Pricklemist Hill have become flooded over time and are now home to many Poison and Water-type Kritmon.
-Serene Cave - A cave filled with many tunnels and caverns. The other end, if you can find it, comes out near Grassveil town. It would take about three days to go through the cave, as long as you don't get lost, but it would take four or five, if you went around it.
The Ocean-
-The Coral Forests - Not far off from Rainfront, beneath the blue waves of the sea, lies a forest made entirely of Coral. It is an amazing place, untouched by pollution of any sort for the only Kritmon who can reach the forest are water Kritmon.
-Ancient Island - Far into the sea, one can find an island where time seems to be standing still. Kritmon that are thought to have long gone extinct, call this island their home. They are aggressive towards intruders and protect their homes at all cost. On this tropical island, the Kritmon live by the rule of the strongest. There are small tribes that somehow manage to survive, even with various strong and bloodthirsty ferals inhabiting the area. There are various plants and flowers that don't grow anywhere else in the world.
-Hidden Abyss - An Abyss that opens up deeper in the ocean. It gives off a very mysterious and ominous aura. It was supposed to remain hidden for eternity, but a past rescue team stumbled upon it one day and spread the word about it.
-The Submerged Tower - A strange tower hidden at the end of the Hidden Abyss by Kritmon who lived a long time ago. It is said that it was built to hold a legendary secret. Curiously, you do not climb it, but instead you enter through the top and then must descend through each floor. The bottom floor is rumored to be a doorway of some sort.
Icy Lands-
-Icicle Woods - In these woods, the winter is everlasting. Icicles hang from the branches all year round and the ground is constantly covered in snow.
-Mt. Frostmeer - A very tall, snow capped mountain located near the center of the Icy Lands. Mostly only Ice-type Kritmon live here because it is so cold. Hardly any Kritmon actually make it to the top.
-Frozen Stream - Within the Icy Lands, a stream that is perpetually covered with a layer of ice flows into the Descant River. Beneath the ever-lasting sheet of ice the water still rushes, enabling water Kritmon to swim there.
The Northeastern Mountains-
-The Black Spear Mountain Range - A mountain range at the most northeastern point of the world. They are totally black, like obsidian, and they appear to be stabbing the sky.
 -Black Mist Mountain - A mountain that stands in the very center of the Black Spear Mountain Range. It is shrouded in a dark and ominous mist.
-Obsidian Crevice - A large and -rumored to be- bottomless canyon that opens up between mountains in the Black Spear Mountain Range. Don't fall in! You might never find your way out again...
The Floating Islands-
-The Sky Pyramid - Among the islands that are said to float in the clouds, there is one that is unique. This particular island radiates with mysterious and intriguing energy. However, none know the cause of this energy for the only way to reach this island is to fly there.
 -Aileron Village - On one of the many islands that float above the clouds, a small, cozy village of flying Kritmon resides. In fact, the village is so small that everyone knows each other and the most exciting thing is the local guild.
-Aileron Guild - Aileron's guild is very prestigious and is more sophisticated than Grassveil's guild. However, as Aileron can only be accessed via flight, very few explorers are trained here.
The East-
-Everspring Vale - An expansive spread of verdant life in the eastern reaches. Abundant conifers create great green blotches of forest all over the area that never fade - although curiously, even the deciduous trees never seem to shed their leaves and the weather rarely varies from a mild spring. The terrain here is winding and dramatic, ranging from green hills and valleys cradling rivers to sheer rock faces which may boast awe-inspiring waterfalls. Some areas feature geysers which thrust boiling hot water columns up into the air periodically. Explorers have been known to use these for navigation. That being said, the Vale is so large that no one is entirely sure if they have thoroughly mapped the entire location. There are many areas that may be untouched by outsiders to this day.
The Southeast-
-Grima Outpost - What was once a highly prosperous and abundant town has decayed over time, and become Grima Outpost. This area, right next to the Gulch, is a small settlement made up of shabby tent-like structures that could easily be packed up and moved in short notice. The area is inhabited by Ghost and Poison-type Kritmon from the area, along with other travelers, and has some smog over it that may cause mild discomfort, not causing the extent of problems the Gulch's smog does. This area is a popular place among lawless, outlaw types, and lacks any serious law enforcement. Locals have dubbed this area and the surrounding area the "Grape Ocean" as a nickname, due to the constant purple smog in the air.
-Venen Gulch - This relatively barren flatland has a constant layer of smog over it from all of the poison types there, making it hard for many Kritmon to stay in the area for extended periods of time. At the very center of the gulch, the remains of a river flow, though it has been reduced to a simple trickle small enough for one to step over or through while barely getting their paws wet. Not that going through it is recommended, as the small amount of remaining water has been contaminated by poison as well.
-The Ruined Chateau - Nearby Grima Outpost lies the ruins of a giant house, a mansion more like. Due to several horrible events that have been rumored to occur there in the past, this area has also become a Mystery Dungeon throughout the years, making locals feel that it is cursed. As a mystery dungeon, the rooms inside the Chateu will constantly rearrange, making it appear larger, smaller, or taller than it may appear on the outside. The constant shifting of rooms and issue of size provides a discomforting feel on most, and those whose minds can't handle it have been known to become lost in the house, wandering until they can't anymore. Despite this, many Ghost Type Kritmon have called this area their home, and most don't take kindly to visitors.
The Eastern Desert-
-Discharge Prairie - An expansive plains region characterized by alternating periods of scorching-hot droughts and booming thunderstorms. Because the area rarely gets any rainfall, lightning often sparks huge wildfires that attract Fire type Kritmon, in addition to the variety of Electric types that reside there. The unpredictable conditions make the dungeon particularly difficult to prepare for.
-Scorchfall Desert - In the land the furthest to the east lies a large desert that very few dare to venture through and even fewer return from. The only type of Kritmon capable of living here are the very hardiest of fire and rock types.
 -Fiery Chasm - At the base of a huge volcano lies a wide crater. Lava rivers flow throughout the fiery pit, fueled by the immense volcano above.
-Furnace Peak - An immense volcano lies along the northern edges of the Eastern Desert. It is constantly pouring lava into the Fiery Chasm and is an extremely dangerous dungeon. Usually only more advanced explorers choose to take jobs located here.
 -Sandstone Cave - A cool refuge from the harsh desert terrain, Sandstone cave is often inhabited by Kritmon seeking protection from the unbearable heat. It's floor is scattered with sand.
 The Sacred Lands-
 -Meteor Valley - A very deep valley that surrounds a beautiful forest. Only the hardiest of Kritmon can manage to live here because of the lack of water and the rocky terrain. Steel types seem to like the area.
-Mysterious Grove - A mysterious forest that lies beyond Meteor Valley. It always seems to be teeming with life, and at night, the leaves seem like they glow with an odd energy. Though many travel here in order to discover it's secrets, none of them find anything fruitful.
-Eternal Lake - A vast body of water lies in the center of the Mysterious Grove. A Kritmon from legends guards the secrets of the lake. Though it has always been here, many Kritmon can never find it as it is hidden from prying eyes with Psychic energy. Only those the guardian deems worthy have seen the lake.
Other Dungeons (Some dungeons were listed above already, so I won't be adding them here)-
Chlorin Cave - It's a cave that is located a mile south-west of Carjidal Town. It is a cave that has a small population of Kritmon living inside it that decide that don't want to live in civilization and decide to live off somewhere somewhat secluded. There is no real cases of criminal activity, or scary Kritmon. The Kritmon there are simply trying to get by.
Dragon's Den - This is a dangerous cavern filled with the most of powerful Dragon-type Kritmon that are often hostile upon entering. It is located around 15 miles east of Carjidal Town. It is recommended that only the most advanced and experienced of explorers enter Dragon's Den and yet still enter at their own risk.
Creeks Forest mainly contains Water, Bug, and Grass-types. It is east of the guild and is heavily wooded with a few paths. You can see a few small creeks that lead to a very big creek near the end of the dungeon and once you get to the big creek going on any other path forward just leads you in circles, so you have to go back.
Ragged Mountain
Stony Cave
Hazy Pass
Stonestump Peak
Desolate Canyon
Forest Grotto
Mountain Pass
Inflora Forest
Breezy Meadow
Tempting Path
Crags of Lament
Telluric Path
Great Glacier
Glacial Underpass
Glacier Palace
Kilionea Road
Mount Kilionea
Redland Reaches
Forest of Shadows- As the name suggests, it is a forest that seems to be trapped in nothing but shadows and darkness. Dark-type Kritmon can be found here. It is very dangerous to come here as the mon here are very hostile and will attack anyone they come across on their territory. 
Daybreak Ridge
Ochre Quarry
Withered Savanna
Scorching Desert- A desert that can be found close to Scorchfall Desert. It is the sister desert to it. Likewise with Scorchfall Desert, the Kritimon that are found here are Rock and Fire-types. Very rarely one might run into a Ground-type as it isn't nearly as scorching as its neighbor, but it is very, very rare.
Tyrian Maze
Eastern Savanna
Volcano Mount Flamma
Autumn Forest- As the name would suggest, it is a forest that is always in the season autumn. The leaves on the trees are powerful shades of yellow, orange, and red. It is truly a breath taking sight for young Kritimon to see.
Fateful Ruins
Virtual Mountain
Sweet Cave- A cave that is sweet smelling. It is home to Grass, Fairy, and Bug-type Kiritmon. The cave is generally easy to get through but it can be tricky for those new to it. One wrong step, and you could get lost.
Psychic Field- A field that is homed to many Psychic-type Kritmon. They can be hostile to travelers at times, though normally they are friendly and welcoming. So long as you don't upset them, all will be fine for you.
Berry Forest- A forest close to Grassveil Town. It is close to Pecha Forest. Unlike with Pecha Forest, a lot of berries grow here and the guilds normally send members to pick some up for them and the town once supplies start running low.
Final Sanctuary

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