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Legend of Coalata

on Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:56 am
An evil dragoness by the name of Hayze has taken over the Dragon Realms and enslaved it. A lone black-and-red dragon egg was cast away in hopes of keeping the unborn baby alive and free from the tyrant. The little one is found by a group of Ice Dragons that take the egg back with them and raise the hatchling as one of their own, unaware that she is the offspring of two heroes of the dragon world; Alkyros and Mesfiria.

Danger strikes when Hayze's forces show up and attack the hatchling's adoptive family. Coalata, along with her firefly protector, Fylisha, must travel across the Dragon Realms, avoiding capture and death if she wants to save everyone. Can the little dragoness live up to her parents' legacy and save them all?

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