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Crash Landing

on Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:13 pm
A small alien experiment crash lands on an unknown planet. He is sent there to destroy it. To kill. To do whatever it is his creator orders of him. He has been from planet to planet. This one would be no different. He couldn't be anymore wrong. While on this new found planet, he meets another alien. This alien befriends him and shows him that doing bad things is wrong and tries to make the experiment see that killing and destroying planets is awful. It will be no easy task, however. But can this alien help turn the experiment against his creator?

All the while, the police force is hunting him and his creator down for all the wrong doings they've done. If they're caught, they will be killed. Can this new alien help him escape as well as turn him over a new leaf?

The woods are now alive.
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