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CMD: War of Zodarus

on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:43 pm
For several millennium, The Legendary Cremon of Zodarus has lived in relative peace under the leadership of the Alpha Cremon, who was the proverbial glue that kept together Cremon that would otherwise hate each other. With power and wisdom, the Alpha Cremon kept the Legendary Cremon in line, preventing any large-scale conflict from arising. However, things have changed. the Alpha Cremon has gone missing. After months of awaiting any news from the Alpha Cremon, some of the Legendary Cremon have started plans to make a grab for power, either wanting to rule, or to rule so that those they deem irresponsible cannot. However despite their haste to grab power, they realize a folly. An all-out battle between all of the participating Legendary Cremon would cause the end of the world in its entirety.

As a Servant or Follower you have traveled to Zodiac City, a large central trading hub in the middle of Zodarus that resembles Venice during the Renaissance(grand architecture, but relatively low tech) and are resting at the Dizzy Spinda, the cheapest place you could afford to stay at.

Chosen- Cremon who follow the Legendary Cremon seeking to bring balance out of the belief that the Alpha Cremon will return. Chosen are usually more powerful than a Servant and Follower, but much more rare as well. Due to their unique nature, the Chosen are usually in much closer contact with their Legendary Cremon than Servants or Followers.

Follower- Cremon who follow "good" Legendary Cremon or those that uphold moral principles or things generally seen as good.

Servant- Cremon who follow "bad" Legendary Cremon, or those who ignore moral principles or principles overlooked and ideas that are unpopular or are not clarified.

Renegade- A Follower or Servant that has left their faction behind. Depending on the faction, this can lead to a manhunt, being shunned, or even indifference.

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