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Long ago a team of scientists paid by a criminal organization created a Crémon using the DNA of another. The results were incredible. A Crémon stronger than every before it. TOO strong… It destroyed his creators and caused much damage before it disappeared.

Hundreds of years later the humankind was nearly erased by wars and the ones that were left still fought. They used Crémon like weapons to fight each other. Then another group of scientists without any ethics decided to create a new Crémon… A new weapon… They didn’t want to make the same mistake. They tried it to combine the DNA of Crémon with others to create a Crémon that was able to dive and fly, to use every attack… BUT they wanted to have control over it. The first tries were miserable failures. Either nothing happened or their Experiments didn’t survive long. It needed years till the first success was made. One Denachu survived the transplantation of a DNA. It had fins and gills. It was now able to swim and dive like a Water type able to breath under water. A strange side effect were the blue markings it now had. They researched it finding out that the Denachu evolution line was able to adapt other Crémon’s DNA easier. They caught all the Chus that survived the wars and continued the experiments. They created 15 more Chus. The Prototypes or Proto-Chus. They may not have gotten their multi typed Chu yet but it was a step to their goal so they continued their experiments. The next Chus that were made were the Neutros. Using two types combined in one Chu. Though the results didn’t look so good. Scientists were hoping for a Water/Flying Chu that could fly and breathe underwater. The only visible change was the strange marking again, though instead of only one color two colors were present. The Chu was able to use attacks from both types. So the experiment wasn’t a complete waste.

The third experiment involved injecting a Neutros DNA into a Prototype. The Prototype seeable only got ill from this test. The other way around there wasn’t any visible change. Nothing. The Chu behaved like always and there wasn’t any visible proof that it had three types now.

Which lastly lead to the last test. Injecting a Neutros and a Protos DNA into a normal two type Crémon. The scientists were surprised to see that it wasn’t a waste. The Crémon showed signs of all three types. The Crémon grew fins, wings and horns and got called Chimeras after the mythological creature called Chimera. The problem was just that the Crémon itself grew at a rapid speed. Within a week it already was too big for its cage so they put them into a cave that was lined with the hardest steels they had. Over the time the Chimeras all grew to a maximum no Scientist ever saw. At that these very same Crémon seem to grow more aggressive and violent towards anything that moves.

Then the worst case happened. For some unknown reason the Chimeras escaped. Some fled outside of the lab while some stayed starting to rampage, which lastly led to the complete destruction of the facility.

As the facility was destructed the generator that resembled a nuclear power station was damaged and lastly exploded. The radioactive rays coming from this explosion spread fast over the majority of the planet. At a rapid speed due to the huge blast. The Chus used for the experiments were immune to the rays. Though not the other Crémon. The Chus that weren’t used for experiments started to fuse with the Crémon they touched. They got called Fusio-Chus. But worst of all the radioactive rays only made the already malicious creatures now known as Chimeras worse.

The last few humans that survived the explosion of the Nuclear power station died from the attacks from the Chimeras or the lack of food and shelter.

The planet is now in a devastated state and the last few surviving Crémon are fighting for their lives. They are using old buildings for shelter or even having built own cities as the humans were erased creating own technology and habits like humans did over the years.

Now it mean survive or die.

It´s your decision whether you are willing to fight.

Spread your wings and take us higher!
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