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 Anthrian Experiment

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PostSubject: Anthrian Experiment   Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:23 am

Somewhere hidden off the coast of Shora, there is a facility called Prison, a name given by the creations there. To a passerby, nothing is odd about it. Behind the fence line with “Private Property- DO NOT TRESSPASS” signs posted all over it, animals live there against their will. They aren’t normal animals though. They are humanoid animals that were created by the scientists there. They were called Anthrians. The humanoid animals have never left Prison as their creators forbade it.
They live in unreasonable conditions, trapped in cages and cells, but they know nothing of the outside world. The only way you’re allowed to live the Prison is after you are taken to the back room where something happens to you, changing you into a killing machine. Every now and then, the head scientist summons them for physical tests. Escape from the whitecoats (scientists) is what they dream of. Lately summoning is more common and the tests are more painful. The food is becoming worse tasting. Clearly, reform is coming on the Prison.
The lead whitecoat, Cealia, is fed up with trying to treat the experiments like people. It’s not what she wants. She wants genetic killing machines for her conquest as soon as possible. Right now escape is the main focus of the Anthrians that haven’t gone through the mind-changing effects, but he has malicious plans and only the humanoid animals can stop her.
Upon escaping the Prison, the Anthrians find an island to call home. While on the island, they find out that their kind isn’t liked by humans and non-mutant Anthrians. This is due to the mutants that are going around causing problems for the four islands. Now, they must try to get along and avoid being taken back to the Prison. And figure out a way to put a stop to Caelia's plans.
Which side are you on? Are you one of the whitecoats working to take over the world using the mutant animals as your tools? A nice one that's trying to help the mutant animals while they're in the Prison? Are you an evil mutant that works for the whitecoats trying to stop the rebels? Are you one of the rebel mutants that were able to escape, living on Iwaya Island? Are you still trapped in Prison waiting for your chance to escape or someone to save you? Are you a human that lives on the island or a non-experiment Anthrian? Are you friendly or mean?
Let's find out and more shall we?

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Anthrian Experiment
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