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Anthrian Experiment Empty Anthrian Experiment

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Somewhere hidden off the coast of Shora, there is a facility called Prison, a name given by the creations there. To a passerby, nothing is odd about it. Behind the fence line with “Private Property- DO NOT TRESSPASS” signs posted all over it, animals live there against their will. They aren’t normal animals though. They are humanoid animals that were created by the scientists there. They were called Anthrians. The humanoid animals have never left Prison as their creators forbade it.
They live in unreasonable conditions, trapped in cages and cells, but they know nothing of the outside world. The only way you’re allowed to live the Prison is after you are taken to the back room where something happens to you, changing you into a killing machine. Every now and then, the head scientist summons them for physical tests. Escape from the whitecoats (scientists) is what they dream of. Lately summoning is more common and the tests are more painful. The food is becoming worse tasting. Clearly, reform is coming on the Prison.
The lead whitecoat, Cealia, is fed up with trying to treat the experiments like people. It’s not what she wants. She wants genetic killing machines for her conquest as soon as possible. Right now escape is the main focus of the Anthrians that haven’t gone through the mind-changing effects, but he has malicious plans and only the humanoid animals can stop her.
Upon escaping the Prison, the Anthrians find an island to call home. While on the island, they find out that their kind isn’t liked by humans and non-mutant Anthrians. This is due to the mutants that are going around causing problems for the four islands. Now, they must try to get along and avoid being taken back to the Prison. And figure out a way to put a stop to Caelia's plans.
Which side are you on? Are you one of the whitecoats working to take over the world using the mutant animals as your tools? A nice one that's trying to help the mutant animals while they're in the Prison? Are you an evil mutant that works for the whitecoats trying to stop the rebels? Are you one of the rebel mutants that were able to escape, living on Iwaya Island? Are you still trapped in Prison waiting for your chance to escape or someone to save you? Are you a human that lives on the island or a non-experiment Anthrian? Are you friendly or mean?
Let's find out and more shall we?

Character Sheet:





Sub-species: (If your character is a made up species, what are they based off of? What's the sub-species?)








Character List:
Teles, Tuylp, Juju, Mojo, Caelia, Kurai, Turlara, Terios, Laros, Qutie- Miles (Me)

Semper, Bullet, Axel, Sadiya, Guang, Shiva- Sagy

Extra Info:
-The planet Teles and the gang live on is called Remis. It’s a rather Earth-like planet, similar to how Sonic’s planet, Mobius, is Earth-ish. Think of it like how Sonic SatAM is. Where the four islands are, is located in a place called Shora, which is based roughly off Japan.

-Humans and non-mutant animals don’t like the mutant animals that were created by Caelia. They look down upon them and treat them with hate and disgust. The humans mainly little across four bridges that connect the four islands to it. In addition to that, the normal antro animals and mutant ones only cross the bridges into the city if they need to.

-Non mutant animals live on the islands too. There are many different clans of animals there. They each have their own territory, similar to how the Clans cats do in Warrior Cats. More notable, a clan of dark colored kitsu that call themselves the Dark Fox Clan, like to cause problems for Teles and his friends, as the brown foxes consider themselves being the better breed of kitsu. They like to capture those they consider weaker than them and sell them at markets as slaves, pets, toys, food, and more.

-Juju and Mojo were created thanks to Japanese folklore. In said folklore, with magical foxes known as kitsune, there is often a pearl-sized orb seen with them, or hidden away in one of their tails. It is said that these orbs, often called Star Balls, hold power within them. The two spirits were based off this idea, seeing as how the main characters are fox-themed creatures.

-There’s both antro and normal animals in this world. Similar to Crash Bandicoot or Night in the Woods. Though the antro animals aren’t bothered by it at all. It’s a normal thing for them and they often have the real life animals as pets, as seen with Teles and Tulyp having their non-antro tigers and dog as pets. It’s a normal thing for them, like it is with humans.

-Mutants tend to live longer than their normal-born counterparts. This is due to all the experimenting that was done on them in hopes of making them super weapons to take over the world with easily. So Teles and his small family would live longer than a normal born kitsu. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be killed, however. They can be injured and die just like everyone else can. It’s just harder to off them, due to them being stronger than normal beings.

-Like kitsune in Japanese folklore, some kitsu can grow more tails overtime as they age. I haven’t decided if Teles and the others will gain more tails as they age or not. But we’ll see in due time.

-There are magical crystals and gems in this world called Power Crystals. When Teles touches them, they disappear into purple sparkles inside of him. He’s able to make them appear out of the palms of his hands if he wishes. He can use their power to help aid him in battles. Markings will appear on his arms, glowing red in color–the same for his eyes. This takes a lot out of him though, so he doesn’t use the crystals’ powers as often as he’d like to.

-Humans are sometimes called Overtakers. The reason behind this, is the fact that the animals feel like the humans are over taking everything. That they’re forcing their ways onto them, trying to make them more civil. Though that is quite true, they are. It was one of the reasons why the bridges were made in the first place. Humans are still very wary of the animals and often shot them looks whenever they cross the bridge. This is more towards mutants though, but non-mutants can sometimes get the shit end of the stick as well, due to the bad impression that Caelia and her army has left over the world.

-The mutants, even the bad ones, though they wouldn’t admit it as easily, fear that a war is coming between them, the humans, and non-mutant animals. That fear is very well. A var could very well happen, given how the two latter ‘species’ don’t take very kindly to mutant kind. If a war truly breaks out of not, that will be decided in the future. Possibly in RPs too, if anyone wishes to do stuff like that. But again, we’ll see if it becomes canon or not further down the road.

-Mutants more often than not, have a mark on their body. Most of the time it’s given on their hands. It’s normal a bit bold, black letter N to show that they are minions of Caelia. The marks are sadly, unable to be removed, unless your fur is torn away where it is written on. Those that aren’t loyal to the mad coyote try to hide their marks.

Arc One: The start of it all and the beginning of the RP. This arc is where the mutants escape from the Prison and make it to Iwaya Island. There they meet Juju and the tribe of humans that live differently than normally ones. As well as any humans that might have come from the center the four islands surround. And non-mutant animals too. A more in-depth one can be read above obviously.

Filler Arc One- Not long after the experiments got on the island, they stumble across a tribe of sea turtles. They meet a young turtle named Turlara who tells them of her wants to leave her home and see what the world has to often. They learn about this forgotten tribe and their ways, before allowing the little sea turtle to join them in their quest to save the world from the whitecoats.

Arc Two: Sometime after the event of the first arc, the whitecoats stumble across one of the Mana Crystals. They begin to study it and learn that it has incredible power. They soon learn there's more than just one of the purple crystals and set off to find the rest with the help of mutants that are loyal to them. The escaped mutants catch wind of this and also set off to gather the crystals before the scientists do.

Arc Three: A new whitecoat named Doctor Crisis shows up. She has the power to control time itself. The whitecoats use this to travel back in time to get some powerful relics called Time Gems to use in the present day. Juju teleports our heroes to the time machine and the group must travel to the past--and to the future--getting the relics before the villains do. Don't worry if time travel confuses you. I've made this simple enough to understand and make sense. I got a lot of really cool ideas in mind for this arc.

Filler Arc Two- Tulyp breaks away from the rest of the group, feeling guilty for not being able to pull her weight to fight off the whitecoats. She stumbles across a moutain, far above the island she calls home. There she meets a monkey named Citrus and a tiger called Guang. She begins her training with them to better herself and become a fighter she knows she can be. Once she's finished, she returns home with the tiger cub as a new ally to their team.

Arc Four: Terios is created with the help of the Forbidden Orbs. The whitecoats use him to try to get rid of the pesky failed experiments on the island. Our heroes must travel to different places to gather elemental shards of the element of which orb they're going after currently, to defeat them and stop the evil fox and the whitecoats. Terios can also be aided in this arc by any other evil mutants that wish to join in getting rid of the escaped experiments.

Filler Arc Three- Life is peaceful on the islands currently. Everything seems to be going well for the group of mutants and their friends. That is until an alien from outer space shows up, declaring to be the fastest race in the galaxy. He demands to race against the faster race Remis has or else he'll glow up the planet. Now Teles and his friends must race to save their planet.

Arc Five: A new evil has come to threaten Remis. Now heroes and villains alike must work together to stop the duo of rabbits known as Sapphire and Steel. They came from a different dimension to destroy Remis. In order to stop them, our heroes and villains must work together to put a stop to the bunnies' plans. In this arc, they'll even be going to the other dimension the rabbits are from, fighting the final battle between them there before making it back to their own dimension.

Arc Six: Sometime after the following arc, our heroes discover a mysterious gem that none know the name of. The gem sends them into a world (or future of Remis, haven't decided yet) that has been 90% taken over by villains. Now, they must work together in order to stop the villains and their leader known as Garino. Not only that, but they must find a way to return back home to their world/time.

Arc Seven: Terios is haunted by memories of his past that happened to him in the Prison. It's slowly eating away at his sanity, slowly driving him over the edge and to the breaking point. Unknown to everyone else, it's all part of Caelia's plan to get rid of the annoying group of experiments with one of their own. If not stopped in time, the burly fox might just very well sussce in his mission. Not only that, but Shiva shows up to kill if the whitecoat's first plan goes wrong.

Arc Eight: A new plot threatens to destroy every evolved creature upon the islands, making the new mission personal for Teles and his entourage. Now Teles and the others to destroy a DNA targeted toxin to save their world.

Arc Nine: A new villain has decided to step up and do what Caelia couldn't do. Doctor Nira decides that she's going to decimate Iwaya Island with an army of mechanical animals. It's up to Teles and the gang to put a stop to her before she can wipe them out for good.

Arc Ten: Seeing as how experimenting on animals has failed, Caelia decides to try a different plan. Instead of experimenting on animals again, she decides to go through with a secret plan that one of her fellow whitecoats had started awhile back. She and the rest of the whitecoats at the Prison begin to work on experimenting on children--human children--turning them into killing machines. They're part animal, part human, able to turn into a savage beast that's intent on bloodlust. Of course this catches the attention of the mutants on the island and they step up to put a stop to this like always.

Arc Eleven: Having lost once again to the rebels, the humans are trying to come up with a new plan to defeat the escaped experiments once and for all. Gemini suggests that they free an evil demon spirit that lurks below. The others agree and free the beast. Now Teles and his friends must stop the demon and save their home once again.

Arc Twelve: In one last effort to take over the world, all the villains join forces to get rid of the pesky experiments and finally rule the world. The experiments aren't going to stand for this of course and come forward one final time to put a stop to the bad guys and save the world once and for all.
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