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Untitled: The Game

on Tue May 29, 2018 4:15 am
“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, you might be wondering why I've chosen you all to come here or you might solely be curious as to who I am exactly. That I cannot tell you at the moment, not because of my protection but simply because I don't want to tell you...but what I can tell you is that I've called upon you all to play a game with me. For my amusement and your own. 

Now allow me to explain things: I control everything; who you're paired up with, your tasks, anything that you might think of. 

Some of the events in this game that take place will be real, but some of them will be staged by actors pretending to be contestants just like you. However, there will be no way of telling reality from fantasy and the fake events might be far and few in between and they will be mainly used to trigger other events.

You will be partnered up with someone, and each team will get a task to do, now on this part, I didn't get a chance to count heads so if there some people left over I will assign you to an already existing team. 

Moving on to the tasks: These tasks will range anywhere from stealing something and transporting it to a dealer safely, to assassinating an assigned target, and so on and so forth. The choosing of these for you all will be completely random. If you should happen to fail one of these tasks, however, your teammate or one of them will be kidnapped or even killed by one of the other players: that job will be assigned by me as well. 

If your teammate is kidnapped you will be given clues as to who has taken them, and where they are being held, hostage. If your teammate is killed, you will be hunted down but you can attempt to avoid that and if you're daring to find protection with another team. But be careful! To raise the stakes a bounty will be placed on your head and a few select teams will be notified of it. 

Those of you who make it to the end will partake in the final and group event, a murder mystery? Sounds pretty fun huh? I know you might be thinking, “what if there's not enough of us” don't worry about that, I have a few extra contestants that I have been saving for this occasion if that happens but there's a lot of you so I have complete faith. This will take place in a large manor on a separate, nearby island just to really sell the “whodunit” theme. I will choose who the murderer or murderers will be and the rest of you will be the victims/detectives. 

And after that, those who have survived, not only will you win the game but a raffle will be held for who gets to keep the manor (you're gonna have to clean it up though because I ain't doing it), those who lose the raffle will at least be winning a good amount of cash and their freedom. Or you could try to escape the game and drown in the ocean, while you're on the first island but that would accelerate things and make things less fun.”
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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:03 am
"I will now announce your teams: 

Kussa, Omen, Inkei

Kori, Shade, Akela 2

Sinestra, Sebastian 

Edana, Yinna

Donovan, Ninara, Scuttle, Winston

Rosemary, Binx, Emilio

Beckett, Bubbles, Aveta, Varda

Alice, Blaize, Mistery

Senya, Yonder, Keakle

Phantom, Inkspot, Turlara

Ruftan, Brutus, Max

Apollo, Jagger, Berus

Odd Cat, Velvet

Cynder, Valentina, Dash

Ciddress, Coalata, Tatle

Dusty, Celes, Trips, Co

Inferno, Anarchy, Obsidian

Russetpup, Snowpup, Miika

Dune, Terios, Zuso

Mandy, Topshooter, Chaser

Rua, Rowan, Impetus

Bones, Cypher

Dice, Domino

Ricto, Athena, Rascal

Anastasia, Aventia, Akela

Bottlecap, Rachelle, Pemble, Pitcher

Jingles, Chesh

Willow, Teles, Keme

Baroness, Caelia

Fisher, Tulyp, Kai

Varden, Valentine & Calixto, Yimtri

Applefeather, Tsume, Pacha

Syrinx, Kurai, Rasine

Jack, Chaska, Sadie & Onyx

Ryder, Foxin, Fidy

Circe, Martin, Juliette

Now go and meet your teammates, and once you're all acquainted get some rest and be ready to start your first task in the morning!"
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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:15 am
Kori felt a rush of joy as she heard that she was going to be paired up with the black tom at her side. She purred happily as her light blue eyes light up in joyful glee. She had been worried that she wouldn't be on the same team as Shade. She couldn't image going through this Game without her friend by her side.

Yinna jumped for joy when she heard that she and Edana would be paired up in a team. The Ice-type grinned brightly at the Fire-type, who only grumbled something under his breath. Yet, there was relief in his eyes that he couldn't hide from the vixen.

Kussa scowled as she heard who she was going to be on a team with. Why did it have to be Omen of all the people and creatures here? She had no idea who Inkei was, but she hoped that he wasn't like the black cat that she put up with on a daily basis.

Keme felt a stab of fear as he learned that he wasn't going to be on a team with any of his friends in Team Strife. The whole time was split from each other. The Denachu lowered his ears despite Keakle giving him a reassuring smile and telling him that it was going to be okay. He didn't think it was.

Teles' ear twitched as he heard his name being called. He felt saddened that he wasn't going to be paired up with his sister or brother, but he knew that Tulyp and Terios would be okay. The two of them could handle themselves just fine if push came to shove. And if not, then he'd be there to help them. No matter what.

Snowpup's ears perked up at the sound of her name being called. She cast a glance towards Russetpup, the other lone trainee from RumblePack that had been taken here along with the curer, Applefeather. The white she-fox felt a pang of pity for Honeypup. The young golden she-fox was going to have to take care of the rest of RumblePack without her mentor for awhile.

Bottlecap exchanged a look with Topshooter. The purple cup was a tad upset that he wasn't going to be paired up with his older brother. The two of them did everything together. It would be strange without him. Regardless, he gave the green cup a reassuring smile, telling the timid cup that everything was going to be alright.

Mistery huddled close to his lone friend, ears folded back as he heard his name being called. He felt a jolt of fear that he wasn't going to be on the same team as his friend. The orange-and-white kitten at his side purred softly in his ear to calm the panicking puppy down.

Blaize's purple eyes widened as he heard his name called. He wasn't going to be paired up with Cynder? He had always been there with the older she-kit. Not having Cynder by his side at all times was going to be strange to him. How would he get by without his sister?

Scuttle sneered. He would have preferred to work alone, but he knew that wasn't possible with this Game. For the time being, the evil cup was going to have to put up with his teammates. And if they slowed him down, he could always just get rid of them.

Rua looked up when she heard her name called. Her dark blood colored eyes blinked. She had no idea who Rowan or Impetus were, but she hoped she'd get along with them alright. She was sad that she wasn't going to be on a team with Domino, but was relieved that she wasn't put on one with Ninara. The rat made her life hell enough.

Coalata hopped to her paws when she heard her name called. The red firefly at her side buzzed around her as the two began to look around for their teammates. Who were Tatle and Ciddress?

Yonder grinned brightly up at Senya when he heard that the two of them were going to be on a team, along with Keakle. The young cat alien was overjoyed that he was going to on the same team as his friend. He noticed that the other members in their teams were beginning to start to look around for their teammates.

Foxin made his way over to Ryder, tripping his hat to the outlaw. He knew that the two of them normally didn't get along all that well, being on different sides of the law, but the fox was going to put that aside for the time being since they were on the same team. Fidy was making his way over to the two foxes.

Cypher was more than relieved when he found out that Pipier wasn't here. The green rabbit skeleton didn't want his sister mixed up in anything like this. He scanned around, looking for whoever this Bones fella was.

Ruftan's ears perked up when he heard his name called along with three dogs from his Pack. He sighed in relief as he made his way over to the older dogs, ignoring Ricto's sneer as he padded pass him.

Aveta was relieved when she heard her name along with Varda's on the same team. The cat smiled up at the rabbit, their paws held by each others.

Inkspot glanced up when he heard his name called. The black cat gave a nod as he began to look around for his teammates.

Odd Cat gave a light purr as he realized he was going to be on a team alone with Velvet. What luck for him, wasn't it? The blue-gray tom cast a glance at the white she-cat, the grin ever present on his face. Beside him, Chesh hurried off to hide his teammate, chucking as he disappeared.

Celes gave a small snort as he heard his name being called. The fox flicked his tail behind him as he glanced over at Dusty. It seemed as though the two of them were going to be on a team yet again. Fate seemed to really hate him, didn't it?

Yimtri rolled his eyes as he heard his name called. The Trikyu could care less who he was on a team with. The Ikimono liked to work along, but it seemed as though for the moment at least, he was going to have to suck up his pride and get along with some new teammates for a little while.

Sinestra rolled her eyes as she glanced around to see who she had been paired up with. She couldn't given a single fuck as to who it was so long as he wasn't a goody-goody-two-shoes. That was the last thing she wanted to deal with for however long she'd be in a team with him.

Cynder left her brother's side as she headed off to find her team. Anarchy past her along the way, sneering at the she-kit, though she paid little attention to him as they passed each other. More slowly, Blaize headed off to find his own team.

The Ikimono in Team Strife all split from each other as they went to find their partners for the Game. Rasine too had headed off in search of hers, as did the rest of everyone in the room.

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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:16 pm
Shade was overjoyed at the fact that he was on the same team as Kori, he hadn't talked to her in a while and though he's not opposed to meeting new people he certainly didn't want to see who else he might have been paired up with if not her. The black tom trotted over to her, they didn't need to get better acquainted with each other, but he was looking forward to being near her. 

A little ways off Omen sat moodily staring at Kussa, he really didn't know why he was paired up with her and he certainly would have just outright refused to be on a team with her there if it were up to him. That wasn't the case, however; he'd have to stick out, with her and the other team member whom he didn't know of--not like he'd care to know--soon it would be over at least. 

Sebastian looked around at the crowd of other creatures and people all going to meet their team members, he didn't budge nor was he planning to. He didn't want to meet whoever it was that was paired up with him, from the sounds of her name she wouldn't present much class or even usefulness during this time, he might as well just rely on his pet owl the whole time. 

Russetpup watched as the others went off to meet each other, it wasn't before long before he caught Snowpup looking over at him. He had never been a fan of hers, but he supposed he might as well put aside whatever differences between the two of them and try to work well with her on this. The red fox trudged over to her, not bothering to say a word as he sat down by her. 

Beckett tried desperately to shove away Bubbles who squeaked excitedly and latched on to him, hugging the young badger tightly. He was rather surprised that she wasn't pouting about the fact that others would be joining them, but he supposed that the bat had a one-track mind, in fact, he was certain of it. She knew she was with him, and that's all she could think about at the moment. 

Ryder stared slightly down at Foxin suspiciously, he knew that the sheriff had put a bounty out on him in the town that he resided in and he wasn't all too sure if it would be okay to be on a team with him. Who's to say he wouldn't arrest him the minute this whole thing was over if they survived that is? It unsettled him, and while the other fox was kind no doubt the residents there would be demanding to see his head through a noose. 

"Been a long time Sheriff..." he said as the lawman tipped his hat to him. 

 Pemble stared at Bottlecap, he wasn't too sure how he felt about having him on his team but he guessed that it might not be that bad. He didn't like him too much and that was clear but his bravery would prove useful in a situation like that. He finally tore his gaze away from him, only to spot a short squirrel making her way over to him; immediately he got the feeling they wouldn't get along, and he wasn't too excited about that. 

Velvet's heart sank as her name and who she was with was announced. She was going to be alone with Odd Cat, at this point she might have been better off paired with Binx; the two of them were alike but one difference between them is that Binx had given up slightly on trying to get with her, that left him to riling her up but that seemed a bit better than the persistence of her boss, he had never given up and now he was going to have a field day with this. 

"Oh please let someone else join our team soon..." she prayed silently as she tried to avoid his gaze. 

Binx scowled when he found out that Velvet wasn't going to be on his team, he was the only other person he knew in here and could tolerate, but instead, he had to deal with his show off younger brother and probably some ugly chick he wouldn't even touch with a 10ft pole. His mood worsened as Emilio's beaming smile came into view, the gray-and-white cat was making his way over and he didn't really seem to care that hate was in his older brother's eyes. 

Dusty rolled her eyes, she had to be on a team with a criminal she knew all too well and two other jokers who probably weren't good at their jobs. This wasn't going to be a productive team at all, at least as far as she could tell. 

Senya returned Yonder's grin, she was glad to be with him at this point. No one else looked friendly to her and as far as she could tell they were the only two extraterrestrials around so it would make sense for them to stick together. 

Bones leaned casually against the wall, glancing around at everyone trying to figure out who Cypher was. He wasn't too sure, nor did he seem to care much, chances were whoever it was would find him sooner or later. The tall skeleton's eyes fell on another skeleton, that was probably who he was with. 

Brutus seemed rather pleased that Max and Ruftan were going to be with him, he was especially happy about Ruftan being there; he wouldn't have wanted him to associate with any of these other creatures. They could possibly kill the young pup and that would be most unfortunate, he was the future of their pack and was completely necessary even if Apollo wouldn't have acknowledged that. 

Apollo let out a low growl upon hearing Jagger's name, that canine was always in competition with him and trying to prove himself as a great leader. He would be too reckless and would only try to prove himself to be the stronger one. 

Trips and Co looked at each other, they were on the same team, but how could they expect any different at this point. The two of them had always been together and they were happy about that even if Co didn't return Trips' grin the mouse could see in his eyes that he was glad to be on another adventure with his reckless friend. 

Willow wandered around slightly, no one she knew was going to be on a team with her and she was okay with that but what she worried about would be whether or not the other two on her team would get along. She didn't bother to worry about getting along with them herself, she knew that the chances were they were good people, but if they didn't get along she didn't want to hear a bunch of fighting as they did what they were supposed to. If anything she guessed that she'd be the one to stop the fighting if that did happen. 

Winston crossed his arms, he was going to have to work with other people and that wasn't very attractive to him. He normally didn't have to work with people when he was sent to carry out a task, but did he have any choice in this matter? He guessed not if anything he could potentially eliminate them if they got in his way.

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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:57 am
Domino twitched her ear as she heard her name being called. She was going to be partnered up with someone called Dice. The black-and-white she-cat sighed as she looked around the room with her hazel eyes. They came to rest on another monochrome feline. She guessed that was who she was going to be partnered up with.

Yonder watched as a light blue colored rabbit like creature was making her way towards him and Senya. He guessed that she was Keakle, the third member of their team. The little cat alien tipped his hat in greeting to the Ikimono, the smile never leaving his face.

Mistery shifted slightly on his paws as he scanned around for Blaize and Alice. He spotted a white rabbit and a fire colored kitten not far off. He guessed that was his teammates. The puppy timidly began to pad over to them.

Inkei made his way over to where Kussa and Omen were, figuring that those two were his teammates for the time being. The crimson colored fox waved as he approached them. The white she-cat flicked her tail in a turned greeting to the vulpine.

"It has been awhile," Foxin commented to Ryder, as he watched Fidy make his way over to the two foxes. "Nice to see you again, Ryder."

Snowpup flicked her tail as she watched Russetpup come over and sit down next to her without even uttering a word. She knew that the orange-and-white fox didn't personally like her since she was an outsider, but the white she-fox hoped that the two of them would be able to get along for the Game.

Miika made her way over to the two foxes while Ruftan and Max made their way towards Brutus. At the same time, Berus and Jagger were heading towards Apollo, not to pleased to be paired up with the leader of their Pack.

Inkspot made his way towards another black cat that was close by a turtle. He figured that those two were going to be his teammates. Out of the corner of his right eye, he spotted a skeleton rabbit make his way towards another skeleton.

Aventia waved farewell to her original teammates before she flew off to find her new team for the time being. The witch themed Ikimono looked around for her teammates.

Bottlecap watched as a squirrel made her way over to him and Pemble. He had a feeling that she was going to be on their teammate. Though he had a sinking feeling that the younger child wasn't going to be too fun to be around.

Pacha made her way towards where Applefeather and Tsume were. The gray fox sneered at the she-dog as she made her way towards the pair, but she paid him little mind. She dipped her head in greeting to the red she-fox.

Rasine glanced around as she looked for her two teammates. She spotted a ferret and a demon not too far off and the Grass-type made her way towards them.

Tulyp left Teles' side as she went to search for her teammates. The male fox watched her go with a heavy heart. He hoped that she would be okay, before he too went to find his own team. Terios rolled his eyes as he went to find his own members.

Rascal exchanged a look with Ricto as the two canines went to their friend teammate. The two were going to have fun messing with the third member, they both knew it.

Keme spotted a pair of foxes not far off. The Denachu swallowed as he made his way over to them. The Electric-type offered a timid wave in greeting. He spotted Zuso heading over to his teammates as Impetus went to find hers.

Varden waved farewell to Kai as the young skunk disappeared to find his teammates, as did the little red panda. The preteen wandered who his teammates were. He wondered what they would be like. He shrugged as he continued his search.

Coalata scanned around as her eyes came to rest upon another dragon. Surprise shot through the black-and-red dragoness as she hurried over to the green one. She wasn't expecting to see another dragon here.

Tatle made his way over to the two dragons. He flicked his ear in greeting to them, since he didn't have arms to do so.

Aveta and Varda headed off together as they went to search for their team. They wondered who they would be partnered up with. At the end of the day, it didn't really matter, so long as they had another. And thankfully, they did.

Anarchy looked around almost boredly for his team. He would have liked to work alone, as he worked best that way, but he knew that wasn't going to be happening for the moment. He was going to have to suck it up and deal with being in a team for a little while.

Rua looked around as she spotted a red fox and what looked like some sort of kangaroo. The dark-furred she-cat made her way over to them.

Topshooter and Chaser went to find Mandy. Where was the little mouse? She was around somewhere, they just needed to find her. The pair soon spotted her and made their way over to the little girl.

Celes rolled his eyes as he spotted the mouse and lion that he and Dusty would be paired up with. The two of them didn't look like they could do their job well at all. At least, not as well as him and the female he worked with.

Blaize shook his head to try and calm him. The fire-colored tom looked around for his teammates. He made his way over to one of them, at least, one that he thought was in his team. His tail twitched nervously behind him.

Kori purred happily as she nuzzled Shade. She couldn't help it. She was so happy that she had been paired up with them. It was like a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She spotted an orange-and-white kitten making her way towards them.

Odd Cat made his way over to Velvet, the infamous grin on his face like always. He blinked his large yellow eyes at the white she-cat, tail swaying behind him.

Ninara flicked her tail behind her as the demon rat scanned the room, looking for her teammates. She couldn't believe that she had to work with others. How disgusting. She spotted another demon making her way towards a half human, half vampire, rolling her eyes at the sight.

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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:22 am
“How can you be sure that's them?” he asked, worried that they were making a mistake. His friend gave him a small shrug in response. 

“I have a hunch, and when haven't my hunches been wrong?” 

“They haven't, but every time you have one it always ends up in a fucking shoot out,” Co responded, returning his blue gaze to the front as they approached. 

Omen glared at the fox that waved to the two of them, “what the fuck you looking, Ugly?” He hissed as soon as Inkei drew nearer. 

When Sinestra came closer to him, Sebastian could only offer her look of sheer disgust. This was who he was paired up with? Some unsophisticated freakshow that he would rather not be caught dead with, he looked her up and down still with the same look. 

“Where did you get that God awful dress? The discount rack?” He finally said to her. 

Velvet could feel his gaze burning into her as he stood by her, it made her rather unsettled but that was just a normal encounter with him. She couldn't exactly fathom what it would be like actually being alone with him for a long period of time, the thought sort of frightened her a bit and she could feel herself shiver at the thought of it. 

“Could you not do that...?” she murmured after a while of trying to ignore him so that he might stop staring. Her tactic didn't work out too well, but perhaps speaking up might do the trick. 

Beckett set off to look for the other two that he would be with, his excited bat friend quickly rushing to his side and beaming up at him as they walked along. She still didn't seem to get that they'd have to be with other people, and that might be a problem. Bubbles didn't get on too well with others that would associate with the badger, but he could only blame himself for that. He still hadn't taught her how to act properly around others. 

“I don't know why you're so happy, you always see me, and we're meeting new people.” He muttered to her. 

Senya smiled brightly at Keakle, “greetings, ear-” she had been tempted to say 'earthling' but she didn't recognize this creature, it confused her considering he resembled some of the creatures that she had seen on her travels to Earth and Earth-like planets. “Um, what are you exactly?” 

Deciding that the other skeleton he saw was indeed his partner in this Bones disappeared and materialized behind Cypher, “hey kid, wanna see a magic trick?” 

Circe glanced around sourly at everyone, especially at the smug weasel that came stumbling over to her. She recognized him at least but she didn't like him all that much considering what she knows about, no doubt once he arrived he was going to either reek of alcohol or start blathering about how he used to be a spy and they fired him because he supposedly killed a man. Not something she was looking forward to right now, but perhaps he would die within the first few days of starting this game. That might be something worth enjoying. 

Anastasia glared jealously over at Sebastian and Sinestra, she couldn't believe that she didn't end up on Sebastian's team and now he was talking to that red whore? This had to be some cruel and elaborate joke that someone was playing on her, there was no way that she could ever see this happening but it appeared that it was indeed reality. Still bothered she looked around, finding whoever her teammate was would at least take her mind off things. 

Fisher stared hopefully at every passing stranger, he wasn't sure who was who or rather who Tulyp and Kai were but he was excited to meet the two of them when they showed up or when he found them himself.  He wanted to make new friends, and if they had some honey or berries for him that would be even better. 

Rowan scowled at everyone and everything, this wasn't exactly his idea of fun and not to mention none of his followers were even here to cause some sort of stir with him. He didn't mind causing trouble by himself but he always needed a scapegoat and it wasn't like two total strangers would be likely to see him as their leader. It was frustrating, and he wanted to punch someone because of it. 

Donovan made his way to where Winston was, he knew that was one of his partners, and even if he wasn't he didn't really care. He looked like the perfect host, and if he could temporarily possess him that would be even better. It came as a surprise to him when the man didn't bother to greet him, say anything, or even look at him at this point; it would be difficult to turn him into a host if he was like this. 

Ciddress grinned happily at the other dragon and at the strange looking creature that joined them. He would be able to debate philosophy with the two of them, that is if they were interested in having a conversation concerning that. He wasn't too sure if they did or didn't, but at least he'd be able to talk to someone; they elders were never too excited to talk to the young dragon, and the silence really bothered him. 

"Good day to the both of you," he greeted.

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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:41 am
Celes’ ear twitched as he picked up the sound of the mouse and lion speaking to each other. The fox scowled at them. More so the mouse than the lion. The vulpine still had a bitter taste left behind from how prey animals treated his kind, despite the fact that he worked alongside one. Dusty was the only one that he actually trusted, given the fact that the two of them had gone through a lot together.

Inkei blinked his emerald colored eyes at the cat’s rude remark. Before he could reply, Kussa beat him to it. “You’ll have to excuse Omen. He’s an asshole.”

The crimson-furred vulpine gave a nod at this. “Okay.. I’m Inkei.”

“Kussa. Pleased to meet you.”

Sinestra scowled at the half-breed. “I’ll have you know, that my father made this for me!” she snapped at Sebastian. “And before you utter a single word about that, my father is the Devil himself. So you’d better watch what you say around me, or else.”

The daughter of Satan could feel Anastasia’s gaze burning into her.  She cast a glance towards the other female, glaring at her at the remark of calling her a whore, before it turned into a smirk. She was going to have quite the fun messing with the half-breed. And it was all to piss that bitch off.

The blue-gray cat in the bright pink suit was a tad surprised by the white she-cat’s request. A small chuckle rang from the tom’s throat. He didn’t want to make Velvet uncomfortable. Heavens no. “Does it bother you?” he purred.

Keakle waved a paw in greeting to the two aliens. The Water-type noticed the look of confusion on both of their faces as they looked at her. “I’m an Ikimono. My species is called Hydrani,” the rabbit answered. “My name’s Keakle. What about you two?”

“I’m called Yonder!” the cat alien answered first, a smile returning as he spoke. “Pleased to meet ya, Keakle!”

Cypher jumped, startled by the other skeleton suddenly appearing behind him. He spun around to face the taller one, a small snort escaping him. “I’m not a kid.”

Tulyp spotted Kai not far off. She waved a hand, calling to get the red panda’s attention. The five-year-old came over to her side. Both were happy they had found each other. The vixen looked around for the other member of their team. The kitsu spotted a bear and nodded towards him. The duo began their trek towards Fisher.

Rua stopped once she was a few feet from Rowan. She had a feeling that he was going to be one of her teammates. "Are you Rowan?" she questioned, placing the head of her bat on the ground as she leaned on it, trying to be cool in front of the older fox.

At the same time, Impetus was making her way over to the pair. She stopped short, listening as the two of them spoke to each other. She wasn’t much of a talker around people that she didn’t know anyhow. So for the moment, she remained silent.

“Hi!” Coalata wasted no time in greeting the other dragon and small creature that she came across. The black dragoness was still overjoyed by the simple fact that there was another dragon here. She thought she was going to be the only one. 

“Hello!” Tatle chimed in with a greeting of his own, his tail wagging behind him like a dog’s.

Scuttle began looking around the room for his partners. He spotted Donovan and Winston and made his way towards them, a grin on his face. He spotted a dark red colored rat also making her way towards them. She must have been the last member to their team. One more person he got to torment. He was going to enjoy this.

Aveta spotted Beckett and Bubbles first. The she-cat tugged on Varda’s arm as she pointed the dueo out to her. The two friends began to make their way towards them, having a feeling that they were the ones they were looking for.

Chesh snickered as he appeared before Jingles, hoping to scare the daylights out of the demon, just to get a laugh. The black-and-blue Cheshire Cat grinned as he waved at the red cat-like monster.

Terios began to make his way towards a rather tough looking badger. He spotted a small fox-like creature also padding over. He figured that the other vulpine was going to be on the same team as him and the badger.

Aventia flew over to Anastasia with Akela appearing not long after. The cat looking witch Ikimono waved a paw in greeting to the pair. “Hello! My name’s Aventia! Who are you two?”

“I’m called Akela.”

“Nice to meet you!”

“You as well.”

The woods are now alive.
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Re: Untitled: The Game

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:50 pm
Dusty gave the two of them a rather shocked and disgusted look, did she really hear that correctly? They always ended up in a shootout whenever the mouse was onto something? From the sounds of it they were police officers just like she was, though she never recalled seeing them before. Regardless they didn't sound too professional. 

“Dective Trips at your service,” the mouse said with a bow and wide grin as he and his friend arrived. Co rolled his eyes at his greeting, he wasn't lying about the dective part but he didn't have to be all smug and dramatic about this. 

“And this is my esteemed colleague-” 

“Co.” The lion cut off the rest of his sentence, he didn't need him to introduce himself that was something he preffered to do. 

“Wait a minute, you two are dectives?” she was entirely shocked by this news, she had to work extra hard to get where she was at and here it seemed that these two clowns didn't even do anything to earn their titles. It was a mystery and a stupid one at that, wherever they were their justice system must be awful. 

Omen's amber eyes narrowed at Kussa when she called him an asshole, she didn't have to do that all the time and while he knew he wasn't the nicest she could at least keep her damn mouth shut. 

“You're one to talk,” he hissed after the two of them finished greeting each other. 

“How dare you speak to me like that! Do you even know who I am?” A visible scowl appeared on Sebastian's face when she gave him the warning. The nerve of this delusional demon to threaten him like that as if he were some sort of weak commoner, it was rather infuriating. 

“I am Sebastian Livingston, one of the first generation vampires and Head Vampire of the Livingston Household. The rightful ruler of all mortal kind, and you have nerve to talk down to me as if I were some sort of peon?” 

Senya smiled, she still was a bit confused and didn't exactly know what to think about such a creature with such a strange name but she supposed it was always fun to meet all sorts of critters. 

“Then I shall say salutations Ikimono Keakle, my name is Senya of Planet Clareon.” 

Velvet could feel her face getting hot as he continued to stare and teased her a little for asking him to stop, he knew it bothered her when he stared like that especially for such a long time, so why in the hell wasn't he stopping? 

“Y-yes, it does as a matter of fact.” She said quietly, still not wanting to look at him. If she did she had a feeling that her uneasiness would just increase if she saw what expression he had on his face while he listened to what she had to say. Though, she couldn't say she wasn't surprised that he questioned that, for it wasn't normal for him to tease like that but there was a first time for everything wasn't there. She probably wasn't helping her cause much by still half ignoring him, however. 

Bones let out a low laugh and grinned at the other skeleton's reaction, it was an old trick of his but it still brought the same kicks it did when he first learned it. When Cypher spoke, he couldn't help but give him a look of mock surprised; he didn't really care how old anyone was, and he never heard someone so touchy about being called that simple word in his current life. 

“Well then, I'll just call ya old-timer, how about that?” He grinned, taking a deck of cards out of his pocket and shuffling them as he waited for Cypher to respond. He guessed the rabbit skeleton wouldn't be too keen on that one either but that didn't mean that Bones wouldn't refrain from calling in that either way. 

Rowan gave Rua an unimpressed look, did she really think that posing in front of him would get him to be friendly towards her? What she was doing wasn't anything new, he typically saw it from preteens that were interested in joining his group of friends of course he would have never associated with her and chances were if his friends were with him they all would just laugh in her face and tell her to get lost. This was different, he'd have to be with her and it was bound to be an irritating experience. 

“Who wants to know?” He asked, still looking at her. 

Anastasia's anger grew as Sinestra shot her a smug grin as she looked back at her, she really couldn't believe it. Was that demon going to take her Sebastian from her? But then again, her and Sebastian were never official, and they probably would never be considering how could he was to the young witch all the time but she had never given up hope in finally winning him over. She looked away for a brief moment, to see who was speaking; it was her other teammates but she didn't have time for formalities right now. 

“Listen you guys, we're gonna have to follow those two when this game starts,” she stated seriously still staring over at the vampire and demon who appeared to be having a nice conversation, in her eyes that is. She wasn't about to let them get out of their sights and do anything, she had to absolutely make sure nothing happened between the two of them. 

Bubbles had stopped staring at Beckett when she realized that he was longer paying attention to her, he had stopped to allow the their two teammates to walk up to the two of them and introduce themselves. The bat couldn't help but growl slightly at the other two, she didn't like the idea of not being alone with Beckett and she certainly didn't want him to pay attention to anyone else. 

“That's enough,” he scolded her quietly as Aveta and Varda approached the two of them, “don't mind her she's still trying to learn the ins and outs of proper communication. I'm Beckett, and you can call her Bubbles.” He jerked his thumb toward the bat, who was now looking at him with hurt eyes, she didn't like it when he told her what not to do but he learned the hard way to never allow her to do whatever she wanted. 

“Are you excited to start the events of next morning?” Ciddress asked, trying desperately to search for something to say that wouldn't be too thought provoking or complicated in general. He didn't want to come off as too strong, especially since they were potentially going to be friends with each other; 

Jingles stepped back a little bit as the cat appeared in front of him, he wasn't too sure what he was trying to accomplish here but it was something similar to what his old assistant would do. Though it was never with ill intentions but usually to bring him a message. This didn't seem what Chesh was trying to do though and it bothered him a little. 

“I'm guessing you're Chesh...” the red cat-like demon muttered. 

Fisher stopped in his tracks when he spotted Tulyp and Kai, that must be the two the Host wanted him to be in a team with. Excited to meet them the bear bounded over to the fox and red panda, he didn't pick up on any scent that indicated that they had the treats he was expecting them to have but that was okay. They were going to be his friends regardless. 

“Hello!” he called. 

Dune didn't even bother paying any attention to the approaching foxes, he had more important things on his mind right now. Mainly the business of his bar, he wasn't exactly sure if the waitresses were fairing well on their own or if they were experienced enough to keep things flowing, neither one of them had too much training as far as tending bar went. One thing he knew for sure was that they wouldn't know how to deal with any rowdy customers, or rather they likely wouldn't do anything about it It was enough to make the older badger shake his head in dissappointment, if he came back to no customers in his bar he would be beyond upset with them but it wasn't exactly their fault. 

Donovan and Winston both turned their heads to Scuttle, the human's expression remained unchanged as he drew his gaze away from the cup demon, he didn't care who he was and he would rather not waste his time getting to know people he wasn't ever going to see again at this point. Donovan on the other hand, couldn't help but sneer at the other demon; the thought of this one stealing all his glory sickened him to his core and he didn't quite like the fact that he was going to have to put up with someone that would be rivaling him as far as messing with his potential host went. 

Mandy looked over at Topshooter as he showed up, she hadn't been looking forward to speaking to anyone and she sure as heck wasn't planning on ever speaking to someone that was living. She didn't really know why, but the dead seemed more peaceful to her or at least the ones she met were; if anything her disliking of speaking to anyone who was alive was  probably due to the fact that most people found her strange because she was usually quiet, or they assumed she was mute and she had gotten used to the assumptions and pretended to be. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter as her eyes sparkled with delight upon seeing Chaser following after Topshooter, no doubt she was looking forward to speaking to him when his mortal counterpart wasn't around. 

Still the mouse gave the cup a small wave, so she didn't seem rude for not saying anything. 

Dice could feel himself being stared at, it was a familiar feeling one that he had gotten used to over the time he had spent living on the streets. He turned his yellowish-green eyes to whoever it was who was staring a hole right into his head, they met with Domino's and he guessed that she was his supposed team member. The cat frowned slightly, from the way she dressed she might just be as poor as he is and that didn't please him; he was hoping to have gotten someone that looked like they would have something worth stealing and selling later when got out of here.

Excuse me, do you have a minute to talk about  C A N D L E S?
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