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Gem Wolves

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:16 am
A pack of Rogue wolves is moving down from the mountains to enslave any other pack that will bend to its will, or destroy any who defines their orders. And the only packs that are able to stop this are StormPack and SnowPack. For years these two packs have allied to stand against the Rogues and succeeded in keeping them at bay. Until one fateful day when the Rogues launched an ambush on StormPack, killing every wolf. At least, that is what every wolf believes.

A young wolf by the name of Faita is the last of StormPack and controls a power that has been kept in legend for centuries. The Energy Gem. And with the help of others along the way, Faita must find the rest of the Seven Gems and restore order in the wolf world.

But it is not any easy task, not with the Rogue Pack continually on their tails.

Spread your wings and take us higher!
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