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Bottlecap: Saving Souls

on Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:24 am
When some kids stumble across a place they weren't supposed to go into, they learn that the world is a much darker place than they once thought. They enter a new club that just opened up in Blackpool. Unknown to them, once inside the club, it takes them straight down to hell where all the cruel people hang out. They get mixed up with the wrong crowd that could very well cost them their lives. There you gamble for your life. One of the kids take a bet by the owner of the club: They can have anything they want if they win, but if he wins, then he gets their souls. The kid takes the bet, confident that they can win. The others tries to stop them, but it's already too late. The kid looses and the three are dragged to hell where they plead for their lives. They're given a second chance but at a price. They are forced to work the demon that runs the club. If they don't do what he says, then he gets their souls and they become his forever. What they must do is go around and collect the runaway souls that escaped from him before they showed up. They all had made a deal with the demon and skipped out on it, thus not upholding their part. They back-stabbed him and he's not happy about this. The children will be the ones to strike them down for their betrayals. They have a limited amount of time to get the runaway souls before the demon comes for theirs.

Will they be able to do it? Or is their fate already sealed? Can they even trust the demon to keep his word at the end of all this? Time will only tell.

If they do happen to get all the souls, the demon is going to betray his part of the deal, taking the souls for himself. However, he'll give the kids a chance. He'll have them go and see if they can't fix the mess they've made. They'll have to go and re-face everyone they had before. However, this time, they're soulless. They're demonic looking and far stronger than they were before. They're out for the kids' blood and won't rest until they're dead. If they happen to defeat the soulless being, then they restore their soul, returning them to normal. If they run out of time or fail to save everyone, then the demon will take their souls as well.

Needless to say, it's going to be one hell of a time for the children.

The woods are now alive.
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