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Stories tell of an ancient sword known as the Spiritblade. The wielder of this blade was a great mage, who wanted nothing more than to bring peace to the worlds beyond his own. But the blade held much power, and the mage's apprentices rose up against him for control of the blade. The blade split itself into several blades upon the mage's death, and flung itself into the dimensional rift on opposite ends of the spectrum. One blade turned black and buried itself deep into the Shadow Realms, waiting for the one who is destined to wield it. However, the rest of the blade has been scatted to many different parts of the universe. Throughout history, the Spiritblade has chosen wielder after wielder, mending the roads between dimensions and worlds... battling the Shadow beings that fed off the negativity of said worlds to strengthen their army and consume the universe. Peace has fallen over the universe, but it’s not meant to last. 

The shadow creatures—Soulless—have begun to attempt to take over the universe once again, led by a witch named Feriae. She is recruiting others to join her in her quest to take over the universe and all the different worlds. 

In addition too that, there are creatures called Hollows—beings that have no soul—they’re hollow beings that have no feelings—are also causing problems. They work for no one but their leader. They have their own plan, their own goals in mind. No one but the other Hollows knows what the plans are, but it can’t be good.

The Soulless are gathering.... Will the heroes arise?

Spread your wings and take us higher!
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