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Stories tell of an ancient sword known as the Spiritblade. The wielder of this blade was a great mage, who wanted nothing more than to bring peace to the worlds beyond his own. But the blade held much power, and the mage's apprentices rose up against him for control of the blade. The blade split itself into several blades upon the mage's death, and flung itself into the dimensional rift on opposite ends of the spectrum. One blade turned black and buried itself deep into the Shadow Realms, waiting for the one who is destined to wield it. However, the rest of the blade has been scatted to many different parts of the universe. Throughout history, the Spiritblade has chosen wielder after wielder, mending the roads between dimensions and worlds... battling the Shadow beings that fed off the negativity of said worlds to strengthen their army and consume the universe. Peace has fallen over the universe, but it’s not meant to last. 

The shadow creatures—Soulless—have begun to attempt to take over the universe once again, led by a witch named Feriae. She is recruiting others to join her in her quest to take over the universe and all the different worlds. 

In addition too that, there are creatures called Hollows—beings that have no soul—they’re hollow beings that have no feelings—are also causing problems. They work for no one but their leader. They have their own plan, their own goals in mind. No one but the other Hollows knows what the plans are, but it can’t be good.

The Soulless are gathering.... Will the heroes arise?

The Holy Order: The Holy Order, also known as the Order of Light, are a group of beings that have a very intense hatred for the Darkness and anything to do with it. If you so much as have a mere hint of darkness in you, they’ll be hunting you down within seconds. They will stop at nothing to rid the worlds of all darkness. People as well. They don’t care who or what they hurt or kill. If it stands in their way, they will rid themselves of the threat. The members of this group wear white cloaks and just a lot of white in general.

The Dark Order- The Dark Order, also known as the Order of Darkness, is pretty much just like the Order of Light, only instead of light, it’s darkness for them. They wear black cloaks and anything black in general.

Soulless- Soulless are creatures of the dark. They are born from the darkness as well as the darkness in people’s hearts and souls. When a person dies, then they become a Soulless or are born one. Their job is to go around and kill, take souls, all that stuff. Soulless don't age. They're immortal beings that live forever unless they're killed by the Spiritblade or anything Light.

Hollows- Hollows are empty shells for the most part. They are beings without souls and can’t feel. They’re generally more feral in appearance that look like some sort of rabid creature. If a person with a strong enough soul looses theirs, then their Hollow will taken on a more ‘normal’ appearance and look like their Convex. Unlike their Convex, Hollows don't age. They're immortal.

Convex- The term used for a person who has both their Soulless and their Hollow. A full person. Someone who isn’t split in half anymore basically. A person can exist while their Soulless or Hollow is running around, but they wouldn’t be fully complete until they merge back into one being.

Spiritblade- The blade is an ancient and powerful sword that was once used to keep peace across the multiverse. But that changed one day when it was shattered and scattered across said multiverse. The sword has the power to unlock a person’s soul from their body or put them back together again. It is the thing that Soulless fear and will try to rid the blade if they can. Sometimes it can be used for evil if it’s been turned bad or falls into the wrong hands. Though it normally chooses who it wants to be its wielder, but it depends on that piece of the weapon though. If someone else tries to grab it, the blade will vanish in a flash of light, appearing back in the hand of its wielder.

Soulcoins- These are basically the money of the world. They look like golden coins with an S marked on them. They change depend on the universe that you go to. Whatever the money is in that world, the coins would turn into that.

Amorang- (amore for live and ang so it sounds like a fruit) the fruit was commonly thought to be used as a symbol of connected hearts and by destiny.

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